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Medical curtains between the beds - curtains windows (Spanish) Curtains specifications High quality consistent with the quality requirements Made from
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Al-Awour for language and communication treatment


Evaluation, examination, and treatment of language delays and speech disorder

  1. Mental retardation
  2. Cerebral Palsy
  3. Autism
  4. Attention Deficit Associated with
  5. Stuttering
  6. Omission
  7. Verbal aphasia
  8. Cluttering
  9. Dyslexia (reading and writing)
  10. Voice Disoreders (voice changing – the voice hoarseness)
  11. Programs for Special Needs
  12. Psychological counseling and behavior modification
  13. Intelligence, Language, and Pronunciation tests .


The Center Team:

Doctor in Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Pathologists


Daytime educational Specialist