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Offering a range of Professional Hearing Assessment and Hearing Conservation Services Including:

– Otoscopy.
– Tympanometry.
– Audiometry.
– A.B.R for Children and Special Needs People without Sedation.
– O.A.E
– Each Center includes a special lab for making of different types of molds and hearing aids according to each case.
– Special section designed for post-fitting services (programing and re-programing).
– Determining earpieces by the computer and making templates

Most Advanced, and Last Technology in Hearing Aids Products

(Analogue, Computerized, Digital Computerized)

All Audiological Investigations are accomplished by highly qualified Audiologists, licensed by the Saudi Ministry of Health.
Experienced Technical team for making of different types of molds and hearing aids, and highly qualified for maintenance of hearing aids.

Alawour Hearing and Speech Centers are the Exclusive Agent in Saudi Arabia for the Canadian "Vivosonic" company, which is the leader in Auditory Brainstem Response and Evoked Potentials Systems WITHOUT SEDATION. dasdasdas