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Company Profile

alawour Co. Ltd. was established according to the following directions:

Medical curtains between the beds - curtains windows (Spanish) Curtains specifications High quality consistent with the quality requirements Made from
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Al-Awour company is looking to be one of the pioneers in the field of operation and management of hospitals, health complexes and cities – applying quality assurance in hospitals and health complexes in the Kingdom – providing combined services in the field of employment in collaboration with major companies – working to establish the principle of the trust and authenticity –developing and training the workforce.


The company aims to run and manage health centers, hospitals and health complexes and provide the best appropriate medical care levels in line with spectacular scientific development as the company hopes through its sophisticated administrative and operational programs to have the leading role in operating many of the medical facilities in the Kingdom, the company aims to achieve quality programs to the facilities assigned to operate and work honestly and sincerely with achievement and proficiency and keeping up with all the relevant development.


The message of Al-Awour Company is to provide the finest and the best medical service levels with continuous planning to the development of facilities departments assigned to operate, putting the fear of God in mind and the work quality is an essential fulcrum.