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Medical curtains between the beds - curtains windows (Spanish) Curtains specifications High quality consistent with the quality requirements Made from
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Solution Holders


The main features and accessories of this system

-This system is manufactured very precisely and excellent finishes, with the finest aluminum and other materials.

-The cart is attached with the upper part of the medical solutions holder’s column and it cannot be unattached and that for the presence of safety lock that prevents the upper part of the solutions holder of separation from the inside rail wheels that carry the column.

-The upper part of the medical solutions holder’s column can be separated from the bottom easily and with a simple mechanical movement of the joint that connects them.

-The length of the bottom of the Medical Solutions holder can also be controlled with an easy and safe move by winding the machine left and right – which carries the holding hooks of medical solutions, which are manufactured of stainless steel.

-It contains a security lock; the bottom part cannot be separated from the machine when reaching the fullest extent of the length.

-The possibility of installing medical solutions column holder at any point on the intravenous solutions holder’s bridge rail.

Medical solutions bridges system EN21 A

This modern system is used in all hospitals and clinics as a substitute for the old intravenous solutions holder which is in Stand position.

The modern system is specially designed to achieve access to any part of the patient’s body to connect his supply with blood or intravenous fluids through its complete movement around the patient.

In addition, the possibility of setting it to suit any height desired by the nurse to link the nutrition with intravenous fluids.

We manufacture and equip high quality system in accordance with the international standard specifications depending on the design requirements consisting of:

-Rail bridges of aluminum for intravenous fluids pole.

-Support and hold columns, all installation accessories.

-Wheels for movement within the rail bridges with their own hook, a special type of intravenous fluids holder.