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Medical curtains between the beds - curtains windows (Spanish) Curtains specifications High quality consistent with the quality requirements Made from
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Wall Bumpers and Protection


Inpro US Company and FM Technology Italian Company

Wall Protection

Acrofine security system to protect walls and doors.

Covered with a layer of Acrofine resistant to bumps and friction.

Bacteria resistant / stain resistant / washable / Class A Fire-resistant.

Available with different colors and sizes as well as many special installation accessories.

Technical specifications of the walls and doors protection systems

Imported walls and doors systems – US origin – IPC. Or Italian FM Technology company.

Covered with a coat of the Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) of 2.03 mm, manufactured of aluminum of 2.03 mm bump-resistant.

Used for the corridors and rooms of hospitals, hotels, halls and places of service and doors.

Nonflammable according of 1 Astm Foor CC.

Class A Fire-resistant (according to 84 E ASTM – CUL – 723 UL- NFPA Canada).

Scratch and bump resistant in accordance to 47684F ASTM, b 90 – 256 D ASTM.

Bacteria and mold resistant in accordance to 22 -, ASTM G 212 G ASTM.

Chemicals resistant in accordance to 543 – D ASTM.

Stains resistant in accordance to 543 – D ASTM.

Easy to clean.

In line with international standards.

Appropriate for the environment.

Available in several colors with colors stability in accordance to the 1545 SAEJ including 54 color + wooden colors + decorative colors.

First: Handrails: –

Used to protect the walls, as well as to help disabled people to move into their applied place.

Supply and installation by longitudinal meter.

Various and flexible designs to suit different applications.

Composition: –


Vinyl thickness 2.03 mm treated with Polyvinyl Chloride, bump resistant.

In addition, when using the Polyvinyl Chloride it is also treated with Accent Strips (not added any Plasticizer which helps the growth of bacteria).

Pillar of aluminum of 2.03 mm.

FM company added belnd material so not to produce toxic gases in case of fires God forbid.