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Medical Services

Medical curtains between the beds - curtains windows (Spanish) Curtains specifications High quality consistent with the quality requirements Made from
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Send all medical staff (nursing, physical therapy, doctors) from the State of the Czech and European countries to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries under the rules of labors contracts

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Hospital Management

The company processes, operates and manages all types of health facilities, according to one of the following offers: 1. Full Staff operating company for a certain percentage of

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Mediation services between European and Czech companies and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)

Al-Awour is distinguished by its services and offices extension to reach you to the countries of Europe. Our office in Prague, Czech Republic coordinates with serious interested people

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Secure stadiums and clinics

providing of stadiums – sport grounds – playgrounds and rehabilitation clinics providing stadiums , sport grounds, playgrounds and rehabilitation clinics and training camps for Arab and Gulf difference

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Rehabilitation clinics

Securing treatment in rehabilitation clinics, which provide: Rehabilitation therapy services. Accident injuries. Sport injuries.

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SPA treatments

Health centers for all the services and treatments the SPA (ALAWOUR) meets all your requirements and needs, to have the service in the easiest ways, to save you

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